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Chanoch LaNa’ar Chabad in Israel

Over 300 boys and girls study in Chanoch LaNa'ar's four unique educational institutions

Chanoch LaNa'ar Yeshiva in Tzefat: For 13-16-year-old boys, offers a yeshiva framework to meet the students' educational, emotional and social needs

The Hasidic-Technological Institute in Tzefat: For 16-19-year-old boys, offering Torah studies alongside computer science and technological applications in electricity

Engineering course – Intended for post high-school students, offering a schedule combining Halachic studies in a rabbinic Semicha course with an engineering degree specializing in electricity and building

Kerem Chaya Mushka in Kiryat Shemona – A boarding school for 14-19-year-old girls offering Torah studies, core educational studies, and technological training

Chanoch LaNa'ar was established twenty years ago in response to the growing need in many Haredi families for a unique framework different from those of traditional yeshivot in accordance with the instruction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to establish schools of Torah and secular studies for those who are best served in such frameworks.

The Chanoch LaNa'ar institutions are operated by dedicated Hassidic staff and top-of-the-line professionals. Each student receives personal educational and emotional attention, with an emphasis on Hassidic Torah education and Yirat Shamayim, and is provided with the tools for personal empowerment and earning a livelihood with the goal of establishing a faithful Hassidic home in Israel

The institutions operate in a full boarding school setting and are supported and approved by the Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Welfare. The program's continued success has increased awareness for these issues and the demand for such programs. The increase in demand has presented a challenge to its administrators to expand and grow each year.

Over the past twenty years, hundreds of students have studied in the program and have gone on to establish Hassidic homes in Israel based on spiritual and material foundations and are partners in the mission directed to us by the Rebbe the Moshiach to prepare ourselves and the entire world for the acceptance of Moshiach Tzidkeinu techef u'miyad mamesh


Rabbi Haim Eliezer Wilshansky

Head of Institutions Hanoch Laner

Rabbi Shlomo Kalish

Chairman of the Friends Association Hanoch Laner

rabbi shneor lipsker

General Manager of Hanoch Laner Institutions

Rabbi Shalom Levkivker

Educational director

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Thanks to you, we will be able to continue our activities in the success and education of the ultra-orthodox youth in Israel, and we have already been promised by a Sage (Talmud Babylon, tractate 22): "Great is charity that brings salvation nearer."

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